Our love affair with the classic Queenslander continues to deepen, highlighted by the sale of this gorgeous, renovated Queenslander (48 Charlton Street) in Ascot.  She sold for $3,900,000 in February 2021 and is now estimated to be valued at between $4.0m and $4.5m (www.onthehouse.com.au; valuation 20 June 2021).  That’s a $100,000 to $600,000 gain in a few months.  How hot you are, Brisbane real estate market.

Here’s a quick run down of this history of this old gal.  She’s a circa 1910’s colonial and, before this most recent sale, was purchased in December 1991 for $398,000.  Yes, weep at that, because some 30 years later, she sold for $3,900,000.  That’s a nearly 900% increase, or 9 times what they paid for it those 30 years ago.  By the way, I had to double check that the years between 1991 and 2021 really was 30 years.  Really?  How can that be 30 years, it feels like it was no more than 20 years.

some maths

Here’s how she looked when google street view first snapped her picture in 2009 (ahem, 12 years ago).  The pale, buttery yellow now long gone, replaced by the ever-popular crisp white.  Interestingly, I am assuming that she was purchased by an investor because within a month after her purchase, she was listed for rent for $2,500 per week.  Since I am all about maths in today’s post, let’s do the calculations on this.  $2,500 a week in rent is $130,000 per year.   Whomever is renting this home should go around to primary schools and talk about their career choices.  Actually the person who bought the home and then listed it for rent should go with them.  They could be changing peoples lives.

Moving along, here’s some information from the listing.  The home was completely renovated (of course) by Darvill Builders (note, their website wouldn’t load for me this morning) to a design by Trebilcock & Associates Architects.   I don’t normally start with a floor plan (which is silly because whenever I look at a house I always look at the floor plan and picture myself walking through the home; choosing which bedroom my kids will have; where I will drink my morning coffee.  It’s an immersive experience).

So here we are.  Looking at the floor plan, it’s clearly impressive.  That sentence needed an expletive to reinforce that point.  On the top level, there are four bedrooms, two with walk in robes.  The master is at the front the house.  I’m assuming that the dining room at the front right of the house was once a bedroom.  Living, kitchen and back deck are also on this level.  I guess this is where the majority of the ‘living’ would take place.  Downstairs is another lounge, kitchenette, study, rumpus and a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom.  Out the back is a pool and a freaking amazing pool house.  

Time for some photos.  I’ve done a lot of talking this morning.  Let’s start with a front on view.  


She is beautiful.  

the entry

Every time I opened the front door, I would be like that weirdo on the colour bond roof ad where he goes out to get the paper and is mesmerised by his own home.  That would be me. Every single time.  

This is the view once you’ve stepped through the front door.  The door at the end of the hallway leads to the kitchen and living areas.  The doors on the left hand side lead to the bedrooms on this level.  

sleeping spaces

Below is the master bedroom, that door leads to the walk in robe and ensuite bathroom.  

Two of the other bedrooms on this level.  I’m assuming that the verandah used to wrap around the section of the upper level where the walk in robes have been added.  

eating and living spaces

I don’t have enough words for how much I love this space.  I mean, I really, really love it.  It’s so simple and so impactful.  


outdoor spaces

I don’t really like the angle of the pool to be honest.  Maybe it was done this way to be able to fit in the large pool house but it’s the one (of two things) that I don’t love about this home.  Would I get used to it, if this was my home, of course.  

Here’s the pool house.  I want one in my own home.  We’ve lived on acreage for almost a decade and I find it quite jarring to see the neighbour’s verandah overlooking the pool area.  Suburbia living is something that I would need to get used to again.   

Of course there is a pizza oven. 

a teenage retreat

The lower level of this home has been styled and sold as a ‘teenagers’ retreat’.  When I was a teenager, the only retreat that I had from family life was my bedroom.  That didn’t have a walk-in robe, just sayin’.  I don’t really like the downstairs renovation of this home.  The ceiling is really low and it feels closed in. I wish that they had styled the downstairs to look more ‘Queenslanderish’ by using panelled VJs.  It doesn’t feel connected to the beauty of upstairs.  


the details – 48 Charlton Street Ascot

This home was sold for $3,900,000 by Patrick McKinnon of Place Ascot.  The address is 48 Charlton Street, Ascot.  To view the listing, click here.

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