Kangaroo Point cottages are such an important part of Brisbane’s heritage and history.  In this post, I’ve done a round up of some memorable Kangaroo Point cottages to share with you.

the colonial cottage

This colonial cottage was built around 1910 and was sold in 2018 for $1,280,000.  It’s a four bedroom, two bathroom cottage on 410sqm, complete with a white picket fence. The symmetry of this cottage is perfect.

To view the listing click here.  The address is 78 Bell Street, Kangaroo Point.

the raised cottage

This four bedroom, two bathroom cottage on 410sqm sold for $1,238,000 in December 2016.  This is what I call a ‘modern’ Queenslander and I’m not sure that it is the right way to describe it.  It’s not my favourite type of renovation, the mixture of contemporary and traditional, although I like this renovation far more than when a pavilion box is added to the rear of a Queenslander.

From the listing:  The original workers cottage has been raised and renovated, painted externally in white, keeping the character features of the frontage and first two rooms. The contemporary extension to the rear and ground level has been painted externally in charcoal, delineating the old and the new.  To view the listing click here.  The address is 144 Bell Street, Kangaroo Point.  t

the unrenovated sweet-as-pie cottage

This cottage is so adorable.  I love her, I love her.  The house next door (to the left) has been raised since this photo was taken.  I can’t get anything recent (last photo I have is from 2015) so I don’t know whether she has been touched or is still sitting there, original, reminding me of summer and ice cream.

The listing gives a little more detail about her – she’s a circa 1874 colonial cottage on 575sqm.  There are no internal photos, but it does talk about a gourmet kitchen.  She’s one of my favourites.  To view the listing click here.  The address is 38 Llewellyn Street, Kangaroo Point.

the future-is-destroying-the-past cottage

This is only my opinion, so if it differs to your opinion, please don’t get angry at me.

But how can this be good, in any way.

The cottage, itself, is remarkable.  All the things that a cottage should be.  Now I understand that the future is here, that we can’t always hang onto the past.  But sometimes I wish we could.  When I see these adorable cottages being consumed by modern, multi-story apartment blocks, I get sad.  They lose some of their heritage appeal.  They lose some of their spirit.

Look at these two photos and you’ll see what I mean (there’s a slider to show both images).

[twenty20 img1=”6874″ img2=”6873″ offset=”0.5″]

This cottage is at 29 Cairns Street, Kangaroo Point.

To view the listing click here.

the verandah-is-where-it’s-at cottage

Really, can anything beat a verandah?  This one, at 42 Lockerbie Street, Kangaroo Point is sublime.  The four bedroom, three bathroom cottage sold for $825,000 in September 2012.

Here she is from the front.

To view the listing click here.

the you-should-have-been-in-my-blue-Queenslanders-post

I did a round up of some utterly beautiful blue Queenslanders and I don’t know why I didn’t include this sweet little home.  This lovely lady is at 65 Pearson Street, Kangaroo Point.  Those lattice doors are the finishing touch on a sweet little home.  To view the listing click here.

The same-cottage-but-in-white

Okay, so not exactly the same, but same era and same I-want-you kinda cottage.  This time all in white.

She’s two bedrooms, two bathrooms and was built in 1880.  She’s my kinda gal.

The address is 89 Rawlins Street, Kangaroo Point.  To view the listing click here.

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