Yesterday’s charming character home in Birkdale reminded me of another Birkdale home that I call the “Birkdale Beauty.”  I had to check my archived posts to confirm that I hadn’t actually done a post on this home.  I have certainly posted it on Instagram a few times, so it really surprised me that I hadn’t done a tribute to her here.

So here it is – a tribute to one of my favourite homes of all time, Birkdale Beauty.


Complete and utter devastation as to the absolute beauty that this home is.  It looks like it could be from a fairytale story.

The photo below is from an earlier listing – from 2012.


I have a list of homes (that I should share) of my absolute favourites.  The homes that if I ever had the means (I’m looking at you Thursday night $100m lotto) I would buy.  For this home, I would walk up to the front door, knock and beg the owners to sell it to me.  Then I’d sit out on this verandah and breathe in the ambiance.

Living spaces

Unfortunately I can’t locate a floor plan for this home.  I’d love to see how the house fits together.  I adore the little archway in the photo below.  I’m assuming that it leads to the front door and there is a bedroom on the other side of the hallway.  I also love the deep, rich colour of the floors.  We are renovating our home next year and we are going to strip back our wooden floors and stain them to look like this.

Now that I am looking at this photo in more detail – it is definitely the front door through that archway.

This is a photo from the 2012 listing.  The colour change was a good idea!

Eating spaces

The kitchen looks like it is at the back of the house.  The sloping ceiling reminds me of our old house in Ashgrove which had a very similar roof line.

Sleeping spaces

The bay window, sigh.  I love the roof line.  The listing states that this is a four bedroom home.  There are only photographs of two bedrooms (plus another room styled as a study).


It looks like there is only one bathroom in this home – the first photo is from the most recent listing and the second photo is from the 2012 listing.

Outdoor spaces

The home even comes with a pool.  Perfect for Brisbane’s steamy, hot summers.

Work spaces

I’m assuming that this is one of the four bedrooms and it has been styled as a study.  It’s difficult to tell without a floor plan.

The details

This Birkdale beauty is not for sale.  It was last sold for $575,000 in February 2016.  The address is 97 Birkdale Road, Birkdale Qld 4159.  The listing is here.