I’ve always wanted to live in Bulimba or Camp Hill.  They are two of my favourite suburbs in Brisbane.  I really shouldn’t say that because then I start thinking about all of the other suburbs that I love like Ashgrove, Bardon and Grange and the list goes on and one and on.  Bulimba has metropolitan characteristics that Ashgrove, for example, doesn’t have.  When we rented our little house in Ashgrove (more than ten years ago) there weren’t any great little local restaurants and to go to the movies, we had to go to Chermside or the City or sometimes Indooroopilly.  Bulimba has all of these ‘modern necessities’ in one little street, the famous Oxford Street.  Plus it has Queenslanders.  So many Queenslanders. 

Like this one.  She’s a little porch and gable and she’s one of the cutest houses I’ve seen.  Everything about this exterior screams perfect!  Double gables at offset angels add a different view of the usual porch and gable.  The lattice gate, painted white, is a wonderful feature and makes the house appear even more quaint.  Then we have the window hood, balustrades, ornate verandah brackets and that house colour.  Grey or beige are so so popular and for all the right reasons.  The garden is neat and tidy as well.  The only change I would make out here is to swap the tiles on the stairs leading up to the house to a different colour – maybe a slate grey to make them blend more into the background.

Bulimba Porch and Gable Queenslander exterior

Source: www.realestate.com.au

Behind the lattice gate is the curved (bullnose) verandah that opens up to a long hallway.  I love how the beams on the verandah have been painted a crisp white, along with the window and door frames.  It ties in with the white lattice gate.

Bulimba Porch and Gable Queenslander verandah

Source: www.realestate.com.au

Stepping inside the front door reveals the long hallway with ceiling roses and fanlight windows above the interior doors.  The interior paint colour evokes a feeling of richness and luxury that is fitting for a house that was built in the late 1880s.  Again the white trim, skirting and ceiling helps to break up the colour and add light and depth to this space.

Bulimba Porch and Gable Queenslander hallway

Source: www.realestate.com.au

Okay, from this point on, the house is not so pretty.  The kitchen is very dark with timber cabinets and floor.

Bulimba Porch and Gable Queenslander kitchen

Source: www.realestate.com.au

I included this photo because while it is not pretty, it has potential.  The wall of windows are beautiful.  Picture this room with timber floors and beige paint and new furniture and decorations.

Bulimba Porch and Gable Queenslander living

Source: www.realestate.com.au

Now this bedroom again needs to be restyled but I included it because of those windows.  I don’t have a floor plan, so I don’t know where this room sits in relation to the rest of the house, but I’m assuming it’s a renovation add-on to the back of the house.  It’s a little like a loft room. Picture a bed directly underneath the ceiling window and looking up at night at the stars.  And soft lighting, how cosy would this room be with soft lighting!

Bulimba Porch and Gable Queenslander bedroom

Source: www.realestate.com.au

Bulimba Details

This Queenslander is not for sale.  It was sold for $1,785,000 in 2008 by Cathy Richards of Place – Bulimba.  The real estate link is here.