This afternoon I decided to go to one of my favourite websites, the Corely Explorer. If you haven’t heard of the Corely Explorer, it’s a database containing over 61,000 photographs of homes in Queensland. The photos were taken by Frank and Eunice Corely who drove around suburban streets and took photographs of the fronts of houses to sell to the home owners as calendars or greeting cards.

The collection was pulled together and cataloged by the Queensland State Library and launched in late 2018. It’s an absolute treasure box filled to the brim with all styles of houses.

Today, I chose to look at homes that were tagged as ‘asymmetrical bungalow’ and I found this home which I am affectionately calling the “Bundamba Bungalow.”


Not all homes cataloged in the Corley Explorer have their street addresses. It’s basically a crowd completed database, with the State Library encouraging people to add addresses if they know them and tag key features in each home. So this house had the street address and I did a quick google search because I wanted to see whether the home (a) still existed (b) looked similar / the same as it did back when the photo was taken.

Here’s what came up in Google Street View.

Then, my heart skipped a beat because the house is actually listed for sale! Talk about amazing, coincidental timing. Normally I’m limited to just stalking the outside of these homes hahah. Now the house is old and looks tired. It definitely needs a refresh. But the inside of the home HAS SUCH AMAZING POTENTIAL. See what I mean?

Isn’t it amazing? That little window with the ‘x’ in it can be seen in the Corley Explorer photograph. Those floors are just waiting to be sanded and varnished. You can see the potential, right?

I want this house so bad. Unfortunately the listing doesn’t have a floor plan, so it’s a bit tricky to work out what we’re looking at. Here’s the kitchen.

Look at this room. I love the floors.

Now here’s the best part. The price. $265,000. Obviously, it’s not located in Brisbane, but it’s pretty close. It’s in Bundamba, a suburb of Ipswich. Ipswich and Toowoomba have so many original and gorgeous Queenslanders. Worth considering in your real estate search.

This Bundamba Bungalow is a 2 bed, 1 bath on 900sqm, more details can be found in the listing or through the agency (First National – Ipswich).