Karthina Street, Bulimba

This character Queenslander in Karthina Street, Bulimba is filled with period details and untouched, unpainted wood.  Gorgeous.

While it is being sold as a three bedroom home, it technically is a two bedroom home with a sunroom.  Both of the other bedrooms open directly into the sunroom and to access the only bathroom in the house, you have to enter the sunroom first.  There is plenty of room under the house though, so it may be possible to renovate and move the kitchen and living spaces downstairs and keep the upstairs for bedrooms.

karthina street bulimba

The verandah


Another beautiful verandah, similar to the one in the Clayfield Queenslander that I posted yesterday – Bourne Street Clayfield Queenslander is the Perfect Family Home.

karthina street bulimba

Living spaces

All of the untouched wood in this home is breathtaking.  I hope that it isn’t painted white by whoever purchases it.

karthina street bulimba karthina street bulimba karthina street bulimba karthina street bulimba

Eating spaces

The kitchen is completely mismatched to the overall tone and asthetic of this home, in my opinion.  A very basic kitchen, probably put in for rental purposes.

Sleeping spaces

Both of the bedrooms proper are lovely.

You can see from the photo below how it opens up onto the sunroom (which is being marketed as a third bedroom).

The sunroom, as a sunroom is utterly stunning.


The bathroom is fairly basic.  Like the kitchen, it looks like it may have been redone for rental purposes.

The great outdoors

This Karthina Street, Bulimba Queenslander has a lot of space – an 810sqm (double block, as the agents are calling it).  Plenty of room for an extension to the rear of the house as well as building underneath.  There would also be enough room for a pool and a vegetable garden (which is what I’m all about these days).  I covet the vegetable garden in Rockbourne, circa 1870. 

That may even be a little vegetable garden in the bottom left of the photo below.

The ‘laundry’ is underneath the home.  We had one of these laundries in our Ashgrove home and pleasant it was not.


The floor plan

This floor plan is compact.  Especially for a family with more than one child.  This home (if you can afford it) is ripe for renovation.

The details

This home is for sale.  It was last sold in May 2022 for $1,750,000.  The house has been listed for sale with Tony O’Doherty of Belle Property – Bulimba. The listing is for offers over $1,700,000. It is a three (two?) bedroom, one bathroom home on 810sqm. The address is 7 Karthina Street, Bulimba and the listing is here.