In my last post, I talked about all of the hours that I spend searching for Queenslander homes. Hours per week and I’ve been doing this for as long as has been around. So, I’m still really surprised when I find charming homes that I have never seen before. These are houses that aren’t for sale, so they don’t pop up in any email alerts. They are houses that I have just missed. In all my searching.

Like how does that happen?

Well it happened again. With this glorious home in Bangalow, NSW.

It’s wonderful when the real estate listing gives us an insight into the home. When they talk about the home’s story, in addition to the the features. The story is what gives the already charming a ginormous boost, a real oopmh.

This listing is a beauty. First things first, she’s not for sale. She sold in 2019 for nearly $1.8m.

This is the kicker. She lived her first 90 years in Dalby, which is about 200km north east of Brisbane, past Toowoomba. She has been relocated to Bangalow (a 400km road trip!) and renovated and extended.

You’ve heard me talk many times about how I prefer the traditional, sympathetic renovation of Queenslander homes. There have been some modern renovations that I have liked, but there have been many that I felt lost the charm that makes a Queenslander so unique and loveable.

The renovation of this Dalby-upon-Bangalow home is stunning. It is modern, no doubt about that and I think they’ve been able to capture some of the Queenslander essence in their modern, bold lines.

This photo, this view, is magic. It feels modern and traditional at the same time.

The modern windows are a striking departure from the traditional form of a Queenslander. They are perfect as well, framing the views across the acreage landscape.

An entry that looks out to the rolling hills.

Here’s the view that greets you as you step through the front door.

The kitchen is modern, open and very minimalist in design.

There is a new deck that flows out from the kitchen and links to the original verandah.

This is the living room that is directly off the kitchen. There is another sitting room that uses the other side of this fireplace. I would love to cosy up on that couch on a cold evening with the fire roaring and the french doors open.

This is the living room on the other side, that shares the fireplace.

This is the front verandah. *insert screams here*

There’s also a separate studio but the listing doesn’t haven’t those photos. I’m assuming it’s the building to the right of the main house.

There are plenty more photos of this Dalby Queenslander in the old listing, which is here. The selling agency were Ray White – Byron Bay. If you are interested in dropping in on other homes in the Byron Bay region, check out this post, this post, or this one. Or for acreage homes, one of my favourites is this one, located in Maleny.

If you have a Queenslander that has a story (and let’s be honest, they all do, so I’m talking to you), then get in touch by email or Instagram. Let’s tell her story to the world.