Something that my husband and I don’t do enough of are small, minor updates to our home.  Things that don’t cost a lot of money, like swapping out pillows.  We usually wait until we can afford to do more and then go ahead and do it.  Like a bathroom renovation.  The problem with this approach is that the house feels and looks as old as it is.  I realised this yesterday when I came home from work to discover that my husband had changed our window coverings in our bedroom from curtains to blinds.  What a difference it made!  All of a sudden the room felt larger and neater.  So now he’s going to replace the curtains in the lounge room with the same blinds – this will go a long way to making the house look nicer.

So that made me think about our front door.  It’s a double door entrance – although we always keep the one side bolted and have probably opened it once the entire time we have been – the day we moved in.  It doesn’t have any security screens so we don’t ever leave it open.  It’s painted white and the outside of the door is looking worn.  It definitely needs replacement – but it’s not on the priority list.  Our bathroom is all kinds of horrible and will be renovated before any doors are touched!

I think we’re going to paint it!  I’ve been searching through google images to see what might look good.  It’s an old double story brick home.  There are some exposed brick walls inside too, which makes the house feel dark (and definitely not moody!).  I would love to paint it black, but I think that it will just be too dark inside for that (boo).  So I’m still searching for inspiration.

Source: Queensland Homes

In my search for door colours, I stumbled across some Queenslanders where their owners have done what I’m too chicken to do and painted their front door black.  What an entrance! They really look amazing!  It helps that in each of the houses there are glass panels that bring in a lot of light.  Our front door has a large glass panel above the door, however, since it is a 1970s home the panel is orange/yellow glass.  Yep. We are that lucky.

Hope you enjoy looking at these photos and if you have any ideas for our house, well I’m all ears!

Source: Haymes Paint


Design:  Highgate House. Source:  Homes to Love


Source:  Evermore


Source: Pinterest (unknown)