The weather in Brisbane is finally shifting to cool nights and warm days, winter is coming. I certainly felt cold last night and was tossing and turning in bed, a very restless sleep. I think that it is also because I have something amazing that I’m working on, that I can’t share just yet. It’s not a podcast (yet!) but something that, I think, I hope, will give our little community a place to make their dreams come true. A little cryptic, yes. But I’m working through the fear and making a plan to bring it to you.

So when I woke up very early this morning and came across this Graceville Queenslander, I was delighted! Right now, my family is still sleeping and I’m onto my second coffee, sitting in the dark in the kitchen. I love these early mornings.

Here she is. This Graceville Queenslander is for sale (!) by auction, so I don’t have a price guide.

The long hallway entrances to a Queenslander give me all of the feelings, every single time.

The Heart of the Home

As a family, we hang out in the kitchen a lot. Our house is on two levels and we live mostly upstairs. We eat breakfast and lunch at the kitchen bench and (pre-iso) the kids would do their homework there while I would get dinner ready. The kitchen, in our house, really is the heart of the home.

I think that this kitchen would be also. In the floor plan (a bottom of post), you can see that the kitchen and main living area are at the back of the house and lead straight out onto a verandah. The island bench is huge. Our house fits a very squishy three only.

Living Spaces

There are a few living spaces in this home. This one is directly off the kitchen, to the rear of the home. This is where we would all hang out in the evening, after dinner.

This is the space that confused me when I was first scrolling through photos. I thought that this was the main living area, and I couldn’t understand how the study area worked. I wondered whether that was a dining room / study with the island also acting as a dining room. Then I realised that this house is MUCH bigger than I’m used to and it’s a whole second living area. This space is tucked in behind the kitchen and other living space.

I’m not going to lie. I would have given my pinky finger for this set up over the past four weeks. Could this have even made home schooling fun? It’s a wonderfully practical and beautiful space.

Downstairs, there is a rumpus room and another two bedrooms as well as a gym (photo further down).

Sleeping Spaces

The Extras (and Utilitarian Spaces)

This would have also been a great space to have over the past four weeks (okay, four years).

Outdoor Living Spaces

One of my favourite spaces in this house is the outdoor living. I love this set up with the outdoor sink and built in BBQ. I’ve saved this photo to my own pinterest board for the future renovation that we will do one day.

Just gorgeous.

The block is generous size at 1,257sqm.

Putting It All Together

Finally, the floor plan.

The Details

This Graceville Queenslander is located at 39 Molonga Terrace, Graceville. The listing agency is Place New Farm. The listing is here.

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