Today I wanted to share another one of my favourite Queenslanders with you. Like Warham Place, the beautiful Queenslander in Ipswich with that glorious living room that I shared last week, this Kangaroo Point Queenslander needs some TLC but has the bones of a grand old lady.

She’s truly incredible.

Kangaroo Point Queenslander

The house was built by Brisbane’s Catholic community in the early 1900s and served as the original presbytery for the neighbouring St Joseph’s Church. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs are only a 200m walk.

When the house was listed for sale, there were architectural plans to change the floor plan of the four-bedroom, three-bathroom residence into a two-storey, six-bedroom home.


Many features of the home are in original condition, including the verandah. Picture this verandah, cleaned down, the louvers removed and a new coat of paint.

And this section of the verandah given a makeover.


The photos of this home come from two different listing periods. You can see the difference in the wooden floors and the internal paintwork.

From the front door, there is the elegant arch that greets you. It is gorgeous.

In the photo below, it’s the same angled photograph. The floors look like they have been finished.


It’s a little difficult to work out the layout of this home without a floor plan. So let’s start with what looks like a living room. For now, I’m calling it the Fireplace Room.

Because of this.

Apparently the marble fireplace was boarded up for several years and the rooms were carpeted, so the wooden floors have remained in good condition. Although, you’ll see in later photos, that the floorboards look like they have been replaced?

In these photos, the floors have been finished. They don’t look like the original floorboards though. It’s hard to tell with just these photos.


The arch and these windows are breathtaking.

A later photo with a new paint job and floors.


The listing says that there are four bedrooms.

The difference in the floors in these photos lend towards the floors being replaced. It looks like the original floors are where the bed is and the new floors are near the windows and doors.

I’m assuming that this is a bedroom at the front of the home, that leads out to the verandah.

Another bedroom with new floors.


The kitchen is functional.


This home is not for sale. It was last sold in 2016 for $1,496,000. The address is 44 Leopard Street, Kangaroo Point. The old listing is here.