My Story

Hello, I’m Bianca.  Welcome to Queenslander Homes!

I run the popular instagram account @queenslanderhomes which I started in August 2015.

Here’s how that happened.

The Beginning

It was a Friday evening sometime in late July.  We had two month old puppies (Scarlett and Harris Transformer; I have kids and they named them) and they needed to go outside for a wee.  I had Scarlett in my arms and I was thinking ahead about the evening – getting the kids to bed and then sitting down in front of a cosy fire and watching a movie with my husband.  Clearly my mind was elsewhere because I tripped over a very-shallow-almost-not-there-hole-in-the-ground.  I have very weak ankles and I went down like a lead balloon.

Of course I was holding Scarlett under my right arm and I didn’t want to hurt her so I leaned to my left and put my hand out to break the fall.  As I’ve mentioned in this post, our front yard has almost no grass; just a concrete-like clay ground.

The ground won.

As I hit the ground, I felt an incredible pain in my shoulder and my ankle.  Somehow I had saved Scarlett (yay!) and I tried to get up off the ground.  But I couldn’t.  I had twisted my ankle and I couldn’t push myself up.  I remember sitting on the ground and yelling out to my husband to help me.  He comes flying out the front door and helped me get up.  As I got upstairs, I realised that it was bad and that we would have to go to the hospital.  The pain kicked in and we called an ambulance and off to the hospital I went.

Fast forward, I had completely dislocated my shoulder; had to be put into twilight sleep for it to be pushed back in.

Feeling Sorry for Myself

The next three weeks I sat on the couch and felt sorry for myself.  We had just gotten Netflix (thank goodness) and I watched the whole three seasons of The Killing and ate a lot of icecream.  Then I discovered Instagram.  My phone was already filled with screen shots of Queenslanders because obsessed.  So I set up an account and started sharing photos of Queenslanders.

Unfortunately I had to go back to work, but I kept posting photos of Queenslanders and fast forward  and here we are.  Thanks to a dislocated shoulder.  That’s the silver lining right there.

I love to write, I love Queenslanders and I really enjoy helping people.  So this website is a way for me to do all of those things in one go.

I Want to Hear From You!

Here’s the thing – I would LOVE to hear from you.  It would make my heart happy.

If you have a Queenslander, I want to see it, warts and all.  I’ve started a series called “Real Life” and that’s where I interview (face-to-face or by email; whatever works) people about their houses and how they fell in love with Queenslanders.  If you are interested, send me an email ( or a DM on Instagram (@queenslanderhomes).

Got a topic you are interested in?  I’m really good at research and I love to do it (nerd alert) so let me know what you are interested in and I’ll see what I can find.  I’m open to any suggestions or ideas that you have.

You can subscribe here and I’ll send out an email once a month with all things Queenslander.

Bianca x