Now that we are in the full throes of a southern hemisphere springtime (yay!), I’ve been laser-focussed on Instagram posts of green, green grass. I’m talking specifically about that thick, lush grass that sinks when you stand on it.

The reason that I’m obsessed with green grass is because after such a dry winter we are living in a dry, dusty bowl. We are on five acres and there has been so much erosion in the top paddocks that grass just won’t grow without significant effort and money. Every time there is a downpour, the water runs from the top of the block to the bottom, making its way down to the dam.

While I would love a huge patch of thick, bouncy grass except it’s unlikely to happen for a few reasons. Aside from the erosion, the actual soil is clay which means that it is like digging into stone. We have had a few goes at adding some grass by buying top soil and sprinkling grass seeds. In winter it grows all wispy and looks lovely from a distance – it gives the illusion of grass coverage. However, get up close and it is very patchy and once the full summer sun hits it, it shrivels up and dies. Like my heart when I think about our lawn.

We are also surrounded by eucalyptus trees that tower over the paddocks, blocking sunlight and also gobbling up any nutrients in the ground. Legally, we are also not able to cut down any of the trees and even if we could, I don’t think that we would. One of the pleasures of living here is looking out at the green-grey gums along with the occasional koala.

Instead, we’ve created a small patch of lawn in the front and back yard. It cost us a fortune in top soil, excavation and turf but now we have a place where we can kick a ball around with the kids (without stubbing our toes on the rocky, hard soil). In these cooler months, before the summer kicks in, it’s lovely to lie on the grass and look up at the sky and towering gums overhead. It does look a bit strange to have a patch of green in a paddock of brown, but it works for us for now.

Now, after a somewhat long introduction, here is the Queenslander I wanted to show you all! I posted a photograph of her on the weekend and referenced the wrong town (oops).  The reason I am in love with this Queenslander has everything to do with the land that it sits on.


Newrybar Queenslander Spectactular view of (green!!) rolling hills from all vantage points on this Queensland in NSW.  Source:

The gently rolling green hills and a Queenslander in the background. It’s my idea of perfect.

Newrybar Queenslander Source:

The bonus with this house (which was sold in 2015 and is not for sale, sorry) is that it is only 10 minutes from Byron Bay. Seriously, all of this space and so close to the beach.  The beach (while a little way away) can be viewed from the house too.

Here’s the pool.

Newrybar Queenslander A 17m swimming pool is also included.  Plus the views that go forever.  Source:


Newrybar Queenslander Source:

This dam is spring fed.

Newrybar Queenslander Imagine inviting your friends over to enjoy lunch by the lake.  Source:

Newrybar Queenslander A vegetable garden completes this picture.  Source:

Finally, some photos of the interior.  There is a catch to this home – it is not an original Queenslander.  So it is missing all of the amazing features like original wooden floors and VJ walls.

Newrybar Queenslander The house is a contemporary Queenslander and I think that it misses the traditional features that would normally have been present in a home of this grandness and style.  Source:

Newrybar Queenslander

Views out to the rolling hills.  Source:

Newrybar Queenslander

A wood burning combustion fireplace would make those cold winter nights so cosy.  Source:

Newrybar Queenslander



You can view the property (more interior photos) and location here.  The property was sold in December 2015 for $2,950,000 by Ruth Gotterson and Nicolette van Wijngaarden of Unique Estates.


Bianca x