All everyone seems to be talking about these days in Brisbane (and Australia) is the hot property market.  It reminds me of the early 2000s when you were either lucky and bought before the boom, or you didn’t. And your mortgage was at least twice that of your friends.  

Those dark times (for buyers) are upon us again, financed by unable-to-be-taken overseas holidays due to COVID-19.  I’m seriously considering the size of our own overseas travel budget, clearly we are budget travellers because there’s no way our travel budget would come anywhere near to helping us buy another house. 

So it comes as no surprise to me that this unrenovated (probably a little harsh, it’s not derelict) Red Hill cottage sold for just shy of $1.3m.  On a 400 sqm block.  A corner block (am I the only person who hates a corner block and the loss of all privacy).  

She’s a very pretty house.  

A standard cottage layout with two bedrooms at the front and the kitchen and living areas at the rear.  The verandah on the right hand side (looking towards the house) has been closed in with a walk in robe.  I understand why you would do this but I wish you didn’t.  The loss of the wrap around verandah makes me sad.  

Here’s the view from the ‘front of house’.  This corner block makes me feel disoriented.

Such a simple, understated entry.  Perfectly done.  

The bedrooms in a Queenslander are usually a generous size (because they don’t usually have built in wardrobes). This is the bedroom on the left.  I will never not love french doors that open up to a verandah.

This is the bedroom on the right, with the walk in robe.  I can’t handle the french doors that lead into a cupboard.  

The hallway leads directly into the compact living space.

The unrenovated kitchen and bathroom make up the rear of the home.  

Okay this is where it gets trippy.  As you can see, the house is pushed back on the block.  The existing kitchen and bathroom are on the end of the cottage where the block narrows.  The entrance to the original front door is on the left hand side of the this photo, accessed by the long path that leads from the street.  

The council approved extension plan, extends the house towards the left.  Because, duh, that’s where all the land is but it means that the beautiful fascade will be altered.  I’ve honestly not had enough coffee to understand how this will all fit together.  

The Red Hill cottage details

This Red Hill cottage was sold for $1,290,000 on 29 March 2021.  The cottage is located at 80 Arthur Terrace, Red Hill and was sold by Matt Lancashire and Annette Richards of Ray White – New Farm.

The original listing is here.

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