Here’s something you probably (definitely?) wouldn’t know about me.  I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan.  It feels good to get that out there.  So when I was looking at this house, I had this lyric in my head.

just think of the fun things we could do, ’cause I like you…

I’ve just decided that when I post this house to my stories, I’m going to have this song going in the background.  BTW if you aren’t into Taylor, this song is called Delicate and is from her Reputation album.


There’s a reason for this madness.  This home.  A 1860s colonial located in Toowong.  I found out about her through the fabulous @colonialdreaming on instagram. 

The house is heritage listed and was sold in May 2020, price unknown.  It was sold as a development property, as the house sits on ~7000sqm in Toowong.  I’m guessing that this home will be surrounded by units / townhouses in the near future.  Similar to the Queenslander on the corner of Logan Road and Padstow Road in Eight Mile Plains.  Hopefully the developers of this Toowong property will keep her on a decent sized block.  

As part of the sale of the Eight Mile Plains Queenslander, my understanding was that they had to restore the home as part of the sale agreement.  Another big hope from me is that a similar agreement was made in relation to this Toowong colonial.  


When this home was listed for sale, there were requests from the local community that the Brisbane City Council step in to purchase the house and land and turn it into a community hub and parkland.  Refer to this Brisbane Times article.    

What’s interesting is that the Council did not have plans to purchase the property and made comment that they had investigated the parcel of land and found that there was no significant native vegetation and that the land did not form part of a larger ecological corridor link.  

Which makes it sound like all of the vegetation can be removed and, under the current zoning, converted to multiple dwellings, retirement or rooming accommodation.  

However, Council also added:

“However, the trees are protected under the Natural Area Local Law as significant landscape trees.”

Which doesn’t provide any clarity on what may be done on the site.

OH MY GOSH….I HAVE NEW INFORMATION (only a few hours after publishing this post) …..There’s a Couriermail article that someone directed me to which starts with:

WHEN we discovered the trapdoor to the hidden cellar below the original kitchen, we knew had to have this home.”

That’s what the NEW OWNERS said….who are going to restore this home and live in it with their parents! I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! 

More information in the article talks about how the home (called Dovercourt) was the ‘talk of the town’ at the time of its construction, due to its ‘new-age’ dumb waiter and enormous bi-fold doors dividing the lounge and dining room.

Here’s a birds eye view of the property.  It has two street frontages and eight lots.  

The house was designed in the 1860s by architect William Henry Ellerker.  The home was held in the same family for over 80 years before being sold in May 2020.  

In the listing, there weren’t any straight-on photos of the front of the house, so I stopped the video and took a screen shot so I could show you just how beautiful she is.

The verandah wraps around the front and sides of the home.  There is a bedroom at the front left and the living room is at the front right hand side.  

The front living room has, as expected, grand proportions.  It is one of the loveliest rooms in the home.  Picture it restored, with the fireplace operating in the winter while you are curled up on a lounge, reading a book.  

Sadly, there aren’t many more photos of the interior and no photos of any of the bedrooms.

The kitchen and dining room sit off to the right hand side of the home.  If you look at the second picture (above), you can see the kitchen and dining area that are connected to the main home.  

There was no floor plan with the listing, so I grabbed another screen shot from the video.

Just like with my two other favourite homes (this one in Ipswich, and this one in Kangaroo Point), my dream would be to connect with the owners (developers….EDIT, OR NOT!) of this property and visit the site to see what their plans are and to see this house in person.


Here’s the video from the listing.  



This Toowong colonial was sold in May 2020, price unknown.  The listing is here.