I think I had kittens the first time that I saw Warham a few years ago. Warham is listed by the National Trust of Queensland on the basis of social and architectural interest and for its townscape value, being part of the Quarry Street area of Ipswich. I love these grand old girls. I always picture this home being loved like this one in Clayfield (one of the first homes I ever posted on this website).

The old listing contains so much information on this grand old lady. First, let’s take a moment to gaze over the gorgeous detail in this photo.


Historically, ‘Warham’ has been associated with the Cribb family, some of whose members lived in the house for many years, and whose contribution to the development of Ipswich was most significant.

Constructed in 1900, the building possesses elaborately detailed cast iron lace verandas encircling the single storey timber framed main block. The plan form of ‘Warham’ is unique with an exceptionally large southern living room naturally lit from a well detailed lantern light in the roof above.

The spectacular internal feature of the home is the centre room (approx. 31ft. square with a height of 27ft. at the centre) once used to hold church services, balls and similar events and now being used as a very large billiard room.

Could this room be any more spectacular? The answer is no, always no!

The building is a fine example of a large residence designed in a transitional style and displaying mainly Victorian period decoration. In earlier times, ‘Warham’ contrasted interestingly with ‘Gooloowan’ (mid Victorian) however, subsequent building and growth of trees now obscure both buildings.

‘Warham’ was built in 1900 as the house of Mrs. R Spence (nee Clarissa Cribb) and its use as a private residence is authenticated by historic documents dating from February 1902. It is one of the few remaining great houses of Ipswich, now standing on its reduced site.

Here is how she stood originally. Sigh.

This verandah is breathtaking.

The front door is so grand. I would love to see it restored.


There are seven bedrooms, all with 14ft ceilings. Two of the bedrooms feature vintage, hand crafted fireplaces.




Warham is located on Quarry Street, Ipswich and was last sold in 2015 for $810,000. The listing is here.