Hi everyone, I had a virtual chat with Lauren Moore who is selling her stunning 1900s Wilston Queenslander by auction this Sunday.  The home, at 37 Antill Street, Wilston, sits on just over 500m2 and was the third house renovation undertaken by Lauren and her husband.

Lauren and her husband on the deck of their Wilston home

Tell me about your Wilston home

Our home is the perfect young family home, all the same level and flows beautifully into the back yard.  It is a 1900s character home and has a wonderful blend of traditional features with modern upgrades.  It is a north facing 506sqm block which incorporates not only the impressive house, but a two-tiered rear yard complete with a glass-fenced pool, manicured lawns, mature trees, a veggie garden and a cubby house. A neutral interior, polished timber flooring, high ceilings and VJ walls combine in a contemporary and clean aesthetic. There is a great sense of space, which carries through to the four bedrooms positioned toward the front of the home.

The exterior of the house is neat and tidy and painted in neutral colours.  Source: www.fastfocus.com.au

The master bedroom has a new ensuite and large built-in wardrobes, as well as access to a study nook. There is also a large shared bathroom with a bathtub, and a nearby laundry proving the value of this home goes beyond its impressionable beauty.

The stained glass windows and vjs in this bathroom are the standout feature. Source: www.fastfocus.com.au

When did you buy your house?

We bought the house three years ago and it is our first house after moving back to Brisbane.

What was it like when you first bought it?

The house was in a nice condition, however, it had three bedrooms and one  bathroom and the lounge room did not open to the back yard. The kitchen bench was a horrible cracked black concrete that had been painted and the main bathroom had green tiles all throughout it.

The exterior before renovations commenced

During the renovation of their Wilston home.

Did you plan to renovate when you bought it?

We did plan to renovate a little bit as we have renovated a few houses.

Did the plans change much once you had lived in the house?

Yes, we probably ended up doing a bit more than we anticipated.

Did you make any structural changes?

There were no structural changes, everything was just superficial.

Did you use an architect?

We had an architect view the house but because we were only doing minor superficial changes to existing layout we didn’t need to go any further with them.

What work have you done on the house?

We painted the exterior and interior of the house, renovated kitchen with new benchtops, renovated the bathroom and added an ensuite by halving the existing bathroom / laundry layout. We also moved the hallway wall slightly to make the bedrooms larger and enclosed the sunroom to make a fourth bedroom. We also added built-in cupboards for storage.

The living room is modern and has retained traditional features including french doors. Source: www.fastfocus.com.au

A modern kitchen to please everyone. Source: www.fastfocus.com.au

How long did it take?

It took a few months we were lucky enough to have my best friend head overseas for a few weeks so the bulk of the work was done when she was away.

Do you have any advice for other renovators?

Try to avoid living in a renovation with kids :). My major tip is unless it is your forever home make sure you don’t overcapitalise on the project.

What is your favourite feature / room / etc

I love our kitchen, dining, living and deck space. We entertain a lot and it is perfect for lots of people. We can all sit on the deck or in the lounge room and watch the kids playing in the yard or swimming in the pool. I also love that when I am cooking dinner for the kids I can see them playing in the yard. I also love my bedroom as I have a little studynook and it is just my sanctuary.

The pool is perfect for the hot summer Brisbane evenings. Source: www.fastfocus.com.au

A study nook has been added to the master bedroom. Source: www.fastfocus.com.au

Do you have a favourite memory?

My favourite memory would be the night we moved in. Nothing had arrived from Sydney yet but we went to Bunnings and bought two chairs and a camp table. We were sitting on the deck admiring our lovely new home and pool. I also loved the day the new kitchen benchtops were put in as it completely change the look and the feel of the house.

The deck is the perfect spot for entertaining guests. Source: www.fastfocus.com.au

Why are you selling?

I have two mad little boys who need to run, jump and move constantly so it was just a matter of time before I would be looking for a house on a double block to renovate.

What will you miss most about the house?

The layout and ease of entertaining in it!  Also the proximity to school and that some of the best years of my childrens’ lives were spent in the gorgeous little hosue.

Are there any original features?

Yes loads of original features, all vj boards and ornate ceilings.

Why did you buy a Queenslander?

I grew up in a big beautiful Queenslander in New Farm so I have always been in love with them. When we moved back to Brisbane from Sydney I knew I wanted a Queenslander with a Jacaranda tree. This house had both and was in a great location close to Wilston State School and St Columba’s Primary which is just at the end of the street so it was the perfect house.

Did you know much about Queenslanders before you purchased one?

Yes I had lived in one before but adding two little boys to the equation definitely changed it up a bit.

Would you purchase another Queenslander?

Yes definitely, clearly after renovating one you learn some lessons along the way but that is what makes them so unique. Queenslanders need a lot of maintenance and they need to have solid insulation as living in them with children can be very loud. The beauty of a Queenslander is what makes them so special and sitting on a deck at the end of the day is enough to make me do it over and over again.


Lauren’s house is being sold by Auction this Sunday by Stephen Weber and Douglas Tonkin of Queensland Sotherby’s International Realty.  Property details including more photographs, floor plan and information about the property can be viewed here.

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